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Hypatia is a general purpose machine learning.

She is the first generation of its kind.

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We can provide you..

with an integrated package of services to ensure highest profits and fastest growth. 

Business Systems

Arm your company with our cutting edge Business Management Systems and grant yourself the ability to earn more and live the life of your dreams. 


Digital Marketing

Unleash the potential of your company and communicate with thousands of prospects through our integrated means of digital marketing. 


Mobile Apps

The era of smart devices mobiles grants you the opportunity to stay in your customer's pocket and hand. Would you stay behind? 



To get better, you must understand your business and solve its problems to allow it to grow. Do you want 'just a company' or an enterprise that others would envy? 


About us

Cubex develops artificial intelligence system, Hypatia that targets the business applications sector, aiming to make you more profitable, your daily routine easier and more fun.

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We really like to hear what you have to say. Don't hesitate to communicate with us! 

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