Engineering a better Egypt

Cubex Solutions works to enhance and optimize enterprises' performance as part of the national and regional economy  to benefit these enterprises, their countries and people.

Our Group

Sourgget Logo

Sourgget is your first destination in the world of technology localizations. Whether it's software, websites, games, or any other form, Sourgget will get the job done.

Pinnacle International Logo

Mobilizing your business by producing effective applications built specifically to meet your own requirements and goals.

Corporette Logo

The private club for entrepreneur ladies that offers services from incubators, accelerators, and investors; all under one roof.

Our Partners

NeoNile Logo

NeoNile provides its clients with best of breed ERP solutions that covers everything from accounting to employee lunch orders.

Omega Enterprise Logo

A multi ERP vendor selecting the best that suits your business with extensive focus on project deliveries.

Primera Logo

Experts of software customization to adapt any software to specific requirements and align it with business goals.