All ready-made or off-the-shelf software gives tons of features, either you don't need them all but you pay for them, or on the contrary they miss the tiny details crucial for your business and you have to adjust your business to fit with you paid for.

On the other hand,custom software built from scratch specifically for you faces major pitfalls.The most notable is you get the software you need today, with no regard for future changes, process integrity, quality standards or anything else. Moreover, the source code is not tested enough, and debugging usually takes a long time, if any.

Cruze puts everything in the balance for you. Cruze enjoys several years of active development, debugging and continuous integration. Cruze is tested and well measured according to the best practices and quality standards. On the other hand, Cruze was engineered to be customizable. We knew every business and company is unique and from day one, we built Cruze to be the most flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Business Management System (BMS) on the market.

How it works?

Cruze includes all the standard processes that the majority of businesses and companies need, e.g. accounting, warehouse management, sales management, purchase management, etc. Each one of these is a module that can integrate with the other modules. Each module can be extended and customized by adding sub-modules. This way, Cruze will maintain a solid and well tested source code and allow further development to the tiniest detail, whether it is a field name, form design, a report, or a whole process or workflow.

More functionality

Cruze goes much further than regular ERP systems to the space of BMS solutions. Cruze has its own integrated mailing and messaging system to replace Outlook and Thunderbird in addition to a robust IM and chatting. Cruze powers you on the go with its Cruze Go mobile app, which allows you to stay on top of your business whether you are online or offline. Still moreover, Cruze allows you to manage several companies, several fiscal years, multi-branch companies and more on a single database with consolidated reports, inter-company relations and more.