Opportunities with Cubex

Join the miraculous team of Cubex!

Join us if you align with our mission to revolutionize technologies worldwide
and impact a billion lives.

We believe work should be fun and educational. Something you wake up every day eager to get to. Forget 9-5 hours. With Cubex, you get paid to have fun and change the world for the better.

Five Reasons

to join Cubex

Freedom to be YOU

We understand that brilliant people hate rules and shackles, and desire the freedom to do their work—in their way. Our office environment and work style is designed to cater to 'A' players. Every day in the office is an adventure. Plus you’re working with 50+ people from different countries, all in ONE epic space.

Great mates

Our work culture and employee development programs attract brilliant applicants from around the world. Make it in, and you’ll be working with some of the best minds in the business. We understand that “A” people attract “A” people.

We recruit people who are not just brilliant, but people who are talented, driven, positive and live life with a purpose. Get in, and you’ll be surrounded with friends, peers and a network that will help you move your life to a whole new level. 


We understand that great people dream of starting their own companies. We help you attain this dream. We provide training and mentorship to help you grow. Simply put, you are free to learn from us and then move on when you are ready to start your own business.

We love entrepreneurship. We even run our own entrepreneurship festival. As a result of this exposure, Cubex employees have gone on to found numerous business ventures from web apps, to a gyms, to a marketing consulting firm, to writing a book, to venture funded dot-coms. We’re proud of them. Close to 20% of everyone we’ve hired has become an entrepreneur within 2 years. Half of these end up becoming a Cubex venture backed entrepreneur.

Personal Growth

Your typical work week is 45 hours. Of this time, we allow you to spend 10 hours a week studying a new skill. We call this the 45/10 Rule. Cubex people grow immensely in their careers and lives because of it.

We love to help you learn. You even get access to a massive library of coaching and training materials. We’re an education company. We live and breathe learning.

Have fun like nobody's watching

We put the “Fun” in “Business Fundamentals”. Don’t get us wrong, we’re a disciplined, well-oiled engine of growth. But we believe that business should be fun and people should look forward to going to work each day. We create a work environment that is designed to make your tasks, your team mates and even company meetings, a ton of fun.

How to join

We’re seeking 'A' players. We know that definition is vague. But trust us, if you are one, you know it. People at Cubex are epic, smart – and well balanced. Cubex employees make an impact from day one: they have an opportunity to enjoy early responsibility and rich experiences. Members of our team are encouraged to use their initiative and shape their roles, which keeps them on track of developing individual expertise. Upon being on board you will enjoy responsibility, development opportunities, training, travel and an environment of like-minded people who don’t settle for doing any less than what they love.