Picking the Right Time

to reach the top

Cubex Solutions, Mustafa Rawi

An entrepreneur’s dream of achieving recognition  of  their products or services by the market to become synonymous  to the field they represent, take an example of “Gillette” which jumps to our minds once we think of shaving, or the brand mark  of “Mercedes Benz” which is instantly drawn in our minds when we consider a quality family sedan. Isn’t it wonderful to reach that level of fame, and revenues? 

Even though, reaching this goal is not impossible, it takes a lots of work and mobilization of resources  to establish a brand with the needed potentials, planning for this is a sensitive process as for each of the marketing mix ingredients there is an exact timing for applying it successfully.

Factors defining “The Proper timing”

Leadership of the field

A good starting point on that regard would be a significant market share based on a quality product introduction, still, no product is flawless, and that placement on the market attracts much attention of competition, which would directly lead to scrutinizing campaigns that should be dealt with by proper neutralization measures, which  means, you should have the ability not only to predict the future, but change it as well ! All that could be done by introducing a comprehensive product bundle instead of just a high quality product, or service.

Upgrading Brand to Maturity

All branding campaigns include messages accompanying the launch of the product or service, the content of these messages reflects the maturity of the brand, that could be done through brief and well planned messages that gives the customers what they expect to receiveز

Readiness for Achieving Well Planned Goals

Being crystal clear and transparent while assessing your status would save you lots of time and offers a protection against  unnecessarily occurring remedial procedures, being frank with yourself lets you decide your points of weaknesses, be it shortage of experienced staff, that can be dealt with through proper training or grafting with new staff with adequate experience, that is your guarantee of success and recognition.

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