Merging Cruze and Nixous

Two giants made one!

Cubex Solutions, Mustafa Rawi

Cubex will merge its general purpose ERP, Cruze, and constructions-specific ERP into one ERP system, with the ability to activate the constructions-related functions on demand.

What's Nixous?

Nixous is an ERP system that targeted the constructions sector. It shared the same core components of Cruze but branched into a different path to introduce vast functionalities to handle the various operations, stages and connections of this sector. Nixous also provided deeply customized workflows to handle closely tied operations such as warehousing, logistics and more. Nixous was integrated with the alpha version of Hypatia, serving as a testing ground for our ML algorithms.


For two years after its launch and being tested in real-time in actual business environments, Cubex had enough feedback about Nixous to determine that splitting our ERP into two distinct applications is not practical nor as advantageous as we initially envisioned. Nixous reached a point where it wasn't possible to focus on construction operations without making itself rigid and inflexible. Trying to make it flexible tilts the table towards returning to what Cruze is. Thus, we've decided to re-integrate the functionalities and business logic of Nixous back into Cruze. With the modularity nature of our systems, constructions-related functionalities can be activated at the push of a button whenever it is needed by our new clients.

What does it mean for you?

Just a name change.We anticipate that all functionalities of Nixous, except for integration with Hypatia, will be migrated to Cruze by the end of 2017. On your 2018 update, you'll notice nothing has changed but the logo of the software and some links and footers in some views and screens of the system.

Any customization we or you implemented will not be affected by this change. If you have purchased Hypatia, your models will be converted into Cruze BI reports showing past results only. We expect to integrate Cruze with Hypatia by the end of 2019 with more pre-installed models, ability to build new models using the GUI, and additional cool features. Your Hypatia license will be extended to compensate for this period.

Have questions?

If you have any questions about merging Cruze and Nixous, or the integration with Hypatia, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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