4 Great Branding Advices

from a startup to an established brand

Cubex Solutions, Mustafa Rawi

Many entrepreneurs are keen at doing their homework right when it comes to branding to guarantee a smooth launch of their projects at startup, but a few fall into traps running that course. Hereinafter, we'll be briefly discussing some of the common mistakes that could be made to avoid them through learning from case studies.

Clarity of our project's target

While branding your company, avoid at all cost the any deviation of your brand from the real nature and purpose of your activity, the branding process should be contemplated carefully to be laid out to perfectly reflect the nature of your company's activity and product, and it should be totally understood that your brand is your company's ID card that relays briefly and surely your target and how confident you are on your ability to achieve it

Choosing a proper domain name for your company's website

The right choice of a domain name for your company's web site is crucial, as it relates to your brand and sticks to it all through the way, and even though, it would be possible in case of improper choice of your domain name, to reconstruct another more convenient site, and redirecting visitors to it, still it is better to go carefully on that regard to avoid unnecessary  extra work and effort and time that would have been much worth giving to more important activities. "A proper domain name" needs to be short, easily remembered and expressive of your activities and your product's nature, be it a commodity or a service, much preferably ends by "dot com (.com)" without any unnecessary extras like underscores or the like of it.

Customer service and care should be a priority

The importance of  customer services has been proven to be a crucial target for successful experiences by projects and activities of all kinds, these services are interrelated to all activities of the project, from the promotion of the product to after sales services, that could be assured by facilitating all sorts of communication through different media channels , e.g.: e-mail, social media, telephone calls, and any more, bearing in mind the importance of clients' feedback which should be thoroughly analyzed to achieve expected improvement in performance and to gain customers trust. The notorious case of Bank of America's scandal could be regarded as the best example for the importance of customer services. Following the scandal's  news spread, the banks customers felt unsecured and uncertain about their investments with the bank, , hence, inquiries flooded the bank through different means of communication especially the e-mail, whereas the bank had an auto reply service  that answered back the inquiries leading to an elevation of the outrage and discontent of the public opinion.

Customer services could be easily considered as the nutrient for the company or project as water would do to the plants, on which the life expectancy of the activity is based.

Silence and staying low

Actions when meeting commitments are a true proof of credibility, therefore, you should- naturally- say something against which your actions could be measured. Still some branding fatal errors are merely reflected by in availability of   messages within the branding process, messages that articulate the true nature of the company's activities, the products advantages, and their conformance to prospects expectations, these messages expected to be sent via   e-mail, social media and others.


Many entrepreneurs overlook the proper means for branding, by merely concentrating on their dreams of expansion in quantitative sales or oversizing their marketing campaigns.
Those who know better, regard the proper branding as a matter that is bigger than being negligible, and so important to be overlooked. 

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